18 Oct 2018

Tips and tricks for charging Joan’s batteries

Nobody likes chores. They are tedious and take away precious time that could have been spent looking at cat pictures on the Internet. But taking care of your Joan devices doesn’t have to be a drag.

How often do I need to recharge it?

Joan is an e-paper device that requires extremely low amounts of power to work. So low in fact, that it can run for an entire year on as little energy as it takes to brew a single cup of coffee.

It can, but it probably won’t, as frequent usage will drain Joan’s batteries much faster than that, especially if you’re routinely using its touchscreen. When used daily the batteries for the 6-inch devices usually last for up to 2 months. 13-inch Joans, on the other hand, when in perfect conditions (with optimal Wi-Fi connection for example) can stay operational for up to 12 months on one charge.

That’s still pretty impressive, considering most of us probably recharge our phone on a daily basis. And while charging your phone has become second nature, why would doing the same for your Joan device feel any different?

The Joan Sheriff

This Twitter comment has been sent to us from our loyal customers at Clickstop and includes a picture of a 3D printed sheriff badge engraved with the Joan logo. If that’s not dedication we don’t know what is.

With the right work ethic and a positive outlook on not just your workplace but life in general, chores can be a fun bonding experience, just like Clickstop showed us. Speaking of Clickstop, Halloween is almost up. Can we see another amazing Joan costume this year?

Instead of making your IT specialist the only person to take care of the devices, why not split responsibilities instead? It’s your turn to take care of the class hamster. Encouraging the staff to water office plants or, in our case, recharge a Joan device, can be used as a little team-building exercise to strengthen your collective spirit.

Just like your phone, every device will display its Wi-Fi and battery status. On top of that Joan will also send you an email when it’s time for a recharge. Simply take the device off its magnetic mount, charge it overnight, and stick it back up in the morning. We recommend charging from an outlet instead of a laptop or computer (especially if they are set to automatically enter sleep mode).

Matching outfits

If you’re not sure who’s receiving Joan’s status emails, check the “Maintenance email” field under the “Organization” tab in your Joan Portal. A general rule when assigning roles is to use a shared or group email, just to avoid unnecessary complications in case the assigned person changes duties or leaves the company.

We’ve also noticed that many people mark their devices, which is a nice hack if you have deployed a bigger number of Joans. Matching a device with its corresponding mount is important since an incorrect pair of magnets will not hold properly.

To avoid confusion when returning a device to its door you could either add a room label on the back of the Joan or use our suggested and very personalized solution: stickers. Use two identical stickers (as shown in our featured image) to mark a device and the corresponding mount. We have found that dolphins and baby elephants work best.

Are you using the sticker trick too? Share your awesome hacks with us! Tells us about your how you manage your Joan devices by sending an email to info@getjoan.com or give us a shout out on social media.