29 Mar 2023

Trees we planted together: International Day of Forests 2023

Sustainability is gaining traction, and so is Joan’s yearly International Day of Forests campaign! This year, we had more interaction than ever, which meant we got to plant even more trees <3

Joan celebrated the International Day of Forests the usual way this year: with social media campaigns that let anyone plant 1, 2, 3, or 10 trees right from their computer. 

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of our supporters, Joan will be planting 2885 trees! 

If you missed the event, there’s always next time! The Joan team loves any excuse to support reforestation in places that need it the most, which is why we love our social media tree-planting campaigns.


Healthy forests: healthy people

This year, we wanted to bring awareness, not just to the significant value of trees like last year, but to how deforestation impacts our communities. Yes, trees generate oxygen, help cool the earth, and create animal habitats, but what about the people?

To recap, here are four ways Joan tree-planting initiatives support the health and wellness of our community:

1. Clean air

Every large tree can provide one day’s worth of oxygen for up to four people… around 2,400 of these great trees are cut down every minute. We need to start reversing the damage, which is why Joan is so dedicated to tree planting.

2. Pure water

Healthy forests act as water filtration systems, keeping pollutants out of water. What’s more, tree roots help keep sediments from dislodging and infiltrating the water. Without trees, water is more polluted and, in many cases, undrinkable.

3. Food diversity

Forests offer food diversity, which could help restore some of the two billion people on the planet who suffer from nutrient deficiencies. With 50,000 species becoming extinct every year due to deforestation, the race is on. The world needs to turbo-charge its reforestation initiatives.

4. Life-saving medicine

Over 25% of disease-treating medication originates from forests. If nutrient deficiencies weren’t concern enough, before long the healthcare system will see shortages of lifesaving medicines for treating conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, and heart failure.

The results of the International Day of Forests 2023 campaign

After those downbeat facts, here’s some good news. With the help of our friends, partners, and followers, Joan will be planting 2885 trees this year!

Backed by our tree-planting partner, Trecelet, these trees will be planted in Indonesia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Kenya, and wherever communities need them the most.

This campaign is proof that every tree matters. 1, 2, 3, or even 10 trees might not sound like much in the big picture, but… see how the number grows.

Visionect photo 41

Stay tuned for more trees

In case you didn’t grasp our excitement, the Joan team is big on sustainability and exhilarated by our progress. Year after year, we get to plant more trees as more and more people join our tree-planting initiatives.

Last year we launched 4 tree-planting campaigns that were open to anyone and everyone at no cost. Plant a tree from your desk simply by spreading awareness and sharing our excitement.

Or, to plant a tree year-round, for every Joan device sold, we commit to planting one tree. Of course, this “one tree” might become “ten trees” if you order it during one of our tree-planting campaigns!

Learn more about how Joan devices support sustainable initiatives.

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