27 May 2019

A worldwide warm welcome from Joan

Everyone knows how important first impressions are. The right attire, a firm handshake, a flashy business card, and all that jazz. Now imagine how impressed visitors to your organization will be with a friendly warm welcome prior to their arrival.

You might already be familiar with Joan’s warm welcome feature. By sending out a friendly e-mail to your guests, it not only reminds them of their upcoming meeting, but it also contains all the necessary related information: meeting information, directions, contact details, and a personalized message.

Well, we’ve got a brand-new treat for you and your business contacts. Joan’s warm welcome has been upgraded to include an additional location-specific option.

This means you will now be able to send out your messages for multiple locations via a single Joan Portal account. In other words, wherever in the world your Joan devices are placed, a corresponding warm welcome can be set up for each.

Setting up your warm welcome

Activating the warm welcome feature is a piece of cake. Simply log in to the Joan Portal, go to “Settings” and click on “Warm Welcome”. Next, toggle “Enable Warm Welcome” and customize away.

Remember, you can also set up your warm welcome per building (location). Go to   “Manage” and select “Buildings (locations)”. Click on the building you wish to customize and toggle “Set Warm Welcome for this building”.

Wherever you are and whomever you invite to a meeting, Joan makes sure your invitations are prompt, clear, and most importantly – warm.

Would you like to learn some more tips on how to make your guests feel welcome? Take a look at our custom button feature. Your visitors can use Joan to order some refreshments or to connect to the guest Wi-Fi.