8 Jan 2019

WFES 2019 here we come

As the calendar year flips and our world inherits a score of old and new social, geopolitical, economic and environmental challenges, we’re counting down the days until the start of one of the biggest gatherings aimed at tackling these issues head-on: the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) 2019.

Held annually each January, the ADSW is dedicated to furthering sustainable development, empower the global community to realize viable and effective strategies to mitigate climate change and address present and future energy and sustainability-related questions.

This year’s theme, “Industry Convergence: Accelerating Sustainable Development”, will explore how industries are responding to the digital transformation of the global economy and the solutions giving rise to new opportunities in this field. One such solution is our very own Joan.  

Sharing ADSW’s vision of accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable future, Joan’s developer Visionect is presenting two versions of its leading room booking and management system at the WFES (World Future Energy Summit).

Found at booth num. 5009, Joan Premium and Joan Manager offer an extensive array of sustainable properties that help create a digitalized office ecosystem. We say ‘office’ because Joan’s prime function is to book and monitor meeting spaces, yet what we really mean is any institution which aims to go green.

Be it a small start-up, a university campus or a giant corporation, all have to carry the financial, time-consuming and environmental burden that comes with managing spaces and people. And since there’s nothing renewable about the resources used for this task, Joan represents an alternative solution in the form of an e-paper based digital device which runs on a minuscule amount of energy.  

With its on-the-spot or remote access via a mobile app, Joan’s slick and wire-free design allows its users to place it anywhere on their premises, keeping track of meetings and room availability without depending on any additional materials or energy sources.

Besides being ecologically superior and spatially flexible, visitors to the Sustainability Week’s WFES Expo will also find Joan to be the safest, most cost-effective and reliable option on the market.


So, for those of you who are seeking novel approaches to sustainable business operations, are inspired by ground-breaking technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, or are simply keen on investing in a brighter, cleaner future, Joan very kindly invites you to check out the limitless possibilities it has to offer in the areas of energy, mobility and green buildings.

WFES 2019 here we come. See you there!