29 Mar 2020

How to work from home without losing your mind

We’re in week three of this lockdown and we’re starting to feel it. Our pets have developed interesting personalities, we’ve taken up at least two new hobbies, we’re on our way of becoming the next MasterChef, and that 3000 piece puzzle? Done!

Even the introverts must admit that staying inside the whole day is becoming a bit taunting. That’s why we put together a few suggestions on how to keep your sanity while working from home. 

1. Wake up early

This self-isolation is the perfect opportunity to sleep in. Well, don’t. You’ll mess up your daily schedule, work until late hours and, again, wake up late. It’s the vicious cycle you won’t be able to break. 

Make a habit of waking up at the same time as you used to. This alone will keep your whole day structured. 

2. Dress up

We don’t necessarily mean putting on your makeup or choosing your best clothes. However, do make the effort to get out of your PJs and to your dedicated workspace. Don’t just sit around your flat with your laptop. It’ll cause you to be less productive. 

Dressing up will send a signal to your brains that you’re getting ready to go to work. It’ll be much easier to focus and you’ll do your work on time. 

3. Go outside

If you’re not on total lockdown, go out for a short walk. It’ll give you a chance to take a break, think about things, and it’s also good for your immune system. Sitting is terrible for your health since, let’s admit it, we don’t have appropriate workstations for the majority of the time when at home. We’re trying to be comfortable at the cost of our good posture. 

So make a commitment that you’ll go out for a walk at least once per day. Ideally, walk to the nearest park or forest to get away from the concrete jungle. 

4. Call your coworkers

We have several different messaging apps, no doubt. But honestly, chatting over Slack or MS Teams is just not the same as having a good old face-to-face call. Make sure to schedule at least one daily sync with your team. That’s the least you can do for your mental health. And try not to stick with business topics – check in on everyone and have a chit chat on how’s life. 

work stations

5. Get rid of your interruptions

Living with housemates and family members is fun. But, when trying to focus or when having a meeting it’s sometimes hard to stay uninterrupted. That’s why it’s crucial to let them know you’re working and need peace and quiet. Ideally, let them in on your daily schedule so they can see when your workday ends and you’re free to spend the time with them. 

Where to next?

It’s hard to change habits, we hear you. That’s why we’ve also prepared a post on how to work from home. Let us know in the comments if there’s still anything you’re struggling with.