25 Aug 2019

Airtame and Joan – The perfect match for your office screens

How Airtame and Joan teamed together to screen share information on your screens.

We are joining forces with Airtame to create the best office experience you can imagine. The goal of this match? Enable a simple sharing of information on your existing screens. From presentations to meeting rooms availability and ongoing meetings. Access the most important information at your fingertips.

What is Airtame?

The simplest system for presenting wirelessly on any screen in a company. Share presentations from your computers and mobile – it supports full-motion video and audio. Forget about adapters or anything else plugged into your computer. 

With casting opportunities Airtame builds, it would be a shame if you can’t use them for seeing essential information on your meeting rooms.

Meet Airtame + Joan

We are partnering with Airtame to bring the top-notch user experience to every office. Showcase Joan on your own device or cast any other information with Airtame. 


It’s important to showcase information without any extra wires and installation costs. The partnership is completely wireless, offering flexibility and usability wherever you need them. 


The partnership cherishes the security of your information and devices. While Airtame’s Kensington lock ensures the physical security of your device, Joan’s security protocols ensure no data is being stored


Showcase info on meeting rooms availability and simply screen share any other information. No need to plug in any adapters, use extra cords, or have additional knowledge. It’s a simple solution for anyone in your office.

Screen share your meeting info or get a Joan device

The qualities above are also common to our Joan devices, Joan 6 and Joan 13. With Joan 6, you can see meeting room availability right at the meeting room door. Its real-time booking feature makes it easy to have ad-hoc meetings without compromising other room reservations. Book the room on the spot and its status gets automatically updated in the calendar. There are currently 7 ways to book a meeting room with Joan.

Joan 13 is perfect for lobbies, common areas and everywhere else an overview is needed. It shows the current status of up to 9 meeting rooms, making it easy to navigate your office.

What do others say about us?

Joan has completely changed how we manage our meeting rooms and I would say we would not be able to manage things effectively without it!” – John Smyth, Rubicoin

Airtame is affordable and very easy to set up. It’s also the only product that I could find that allows you to present from PC to multiple screens.” Anthony Parzgnat, Technology Services Group

Interested in the completely wireless meeting room experience? Contact our local distributor AVT or find us at Australia’s largest AV event – Integrate