16 Mar 2023

How to pitch Joan devices to your boss

Every. Single. Day. 

Employees meander the halls hopping from meeting room to meeting room as they first squat in an available room only to get kicked out by the next meeting. And then, each time I get kicked out of a room, I have to go find another available room and hope for an hour of peace and quiet to finish my conference call.

That’s right, you caught me, I’m the rooms quatter. While this predicament is normal, it’s definitely not optimal. Overrun meetings and meeting interruptions are huge time wasters too. 

But, worry not — I’ve found the solution. Now, it’s all about convincing the boss, right? For your sake, I’ve compiled seven tried-and-true tips for convincing your boss to straighten up the meeting room experience with Joan.

1. Room schedulers for every need

Joan’s line of meeting room booking systems includes two award-winning 6” displays: the Joan 6 and Joan 6 Pro. 

These wireless e-paper displays not only show a room’s availability but also allow people to book the room directly from the touchscreen. Both devices are office favorites and have proven to solve major conference room pain points.


2. Optimize resource use

By syncing to the company calendar (Google Workspace, Exchange, Office 365, iCalendar.), Joan room booking displays streamline the booking process and iron out the meeting experience. With displays showing each room’s availability, there’s less confusion, which helps keep employees on track and boosts productivity.

Also, Joan displays help companies get the most out of their real estate in four main ways:

  • Generates awareness of underused meeting rooms
  • Supports meetings to be as productive as possible
  • Marks rooms as “available” in the case of no-shows
  • Helps office managers capitalize on real estate with room analytics

You’ll learn more about this last point in the next section.


3. Easy on the wallet

Efficient solutions are easy on the budget. A reliable, simple-to-use office management system alleviates administrative burdens and helps teams make the most out of their on-site meetings. Employees are more productive, wasting less time searching for available meeting spaces or being kicked out of booked rooms.

What’s more, Joan devices are incredibly long-lived. With the lowest failure rate in the industry, it’ll be a long time before you’ll need to even think about replacing your Joan meeting room displays.

4. Battery-powered

Joan displays run on battery power. Meaning, they’re virtually wireless and maintenance-free, aside from needing to be charged once every three to six months. If you follow our tips for extending your Joan battery life, the device can last even longer.

The best part of running on battery power? No cabling or wiring is required to install Joan displays. Joan displays require no additional investment into company infrastructure — simply adhere the smart mount to a wall and it’s ready to go.


5. Energy-efficient

Each Joan display uses advanced e-paper technology that lets the battery last months on a single charge. With an energy efficiency over 580x greater than tablets’, our displays are not only sustainable, but have almost no effect on your electricity bill — yet another way this technology is easy on the wallet.

6. Uncover opportunities for optimization

Joan analytics reveal valuable insights, including which meeting rooms are most popular, how long meetings typically last, each meeting’s occupancy level, and more. With this data, office managers can discover how to best optimize the office.

With many companies transitioning to hybrid workspaces and flexible workplaces, the more data the better. Companies are discovering optimal configurations through trial and error. With these performance insights, Joan analytics can really help businesses get the most out of their office space.

Asset reservation system desktop portal (23)

7. Unified meeting room management

After successfully tacking meeting rooms, Joan was expanded to encompass the entire office. 

Our Joan office management system covers every aspect, including:

All of these elements are managed from a single user interface, taking care of the whole office.

“The ROI is phenomenal and it helped us achieve a lasting peace of mind”

While sustainability and style are great attributes that will make any office shine, corporate decisions come down to one thing: what does the ROI look like?

Here’s a list of the main ways Joan is a cost-effective solution for your meeting pain points:

  • Joan displays have a negligible effect on your electricity bills
  • The wireless design requires no installation costs or specialists
  • Eliminating meeting painpoints helps employees be more productive
  • Investing in long-lived displays is a cost-effective choice

Discover what Sportrader thought of their Joan experience by watching our video featuring Ian Poland, Chief Information Officer and Managing Director Engineering Operations.

See, you can have your cake and eat it too — you might as well find out how sweet it tastes. 

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