10 Dec 2018

Mart D. Buh, Managing Director at LanguageSitter: “Just brilliant.”

We at Joan value our customers’ input more than anything. Our device is designed to help people manage their time and resources better, so hearing how Joan does that is what makes us proud. As we constantly try to refine our solution, it is crucial to hear from our customers what works for them and what doesn’t.  

This time we spoke to Mart D. Buh, Managing Director at LanguageSitter.

Mart, what is LanguageSitter?

LanguageSitter® is a premium-level language school that caters to the needs of busy professionals: managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, diplomats, athletes, and others who value a great service. We are specialized in tailor-made individual language courses for people who want their course to adapt to them and not the other way around. We also offer specialized group courses for our corporate clients. LanguageSitter® operates nationwide with over 100 qualified language trainers teaching 28 different languages.

For how long have you been using Joan now?

We started using Joan this year, so in 2018. And we simply love it. It’s made our lives a whole lot easier and I actually regret having waited so long to start using the system.

Why did you choose Joan over its competitors?

None of the other solutions that we’ve tried so far – and there have been many to be honest – worked. We even tried our own software solution and it just did not cut it. Joan was exactly what we needed. It was easy to set up, no hassle with the cables, it looks great, and it does its job like a pro.

Which problems did you have before using Joan that you don’t have now?

At LanguageSitter® rooms double as meeting rooms and language-training rooms. It gets busy. There were constant interruptions and dead time between meetings before we got Joan. If you wanted to book a room for an impromptu meeting, you needed to ask the secretary to do it for you or go to your computer and do it yourself. Now you can do it on the spot before you enter the room, or you use Joan’s app on your phone.

Which immediate benefits did you see by using Joan in your company?

To be honest, even the setting up process was fun. It was so easy to mount, there was no need to drill into walls, no cables – just brilliant. And then we started using the system and gave ourselves a mental slap for not switching to Joan a year ago. With Joan we finally took back control of our day and started managing our time with maximum efficiency. No more overbookings, no more coworkers arguing who should have the room, no more dead time between meetings, no more interruptions.

Which would you say are Joan’s best features?

At LanguageSitter® everyone loves Joan’s design. Our clients constantly comment on how pretty our Joans are. We also appreciate the long battery life (we roughly charge it every three months) and how well Joan integrates with our existing software solutions. A major plus is the security that Joan offers. We have a lot of corporate clients and they have strict rules on how we need to handle their data. Joan accommodates for that. Our clients are really happy with the Warm Welcome feature because it helps them navigate our premises and get all the important info about an upcoming meeting or language training session.

Is there anything you don’t like about it?

I don’t like the fact that you can’t use Joan as a frisbee, because it would break. No, just kidding. There is nothing that really comes to mind.

Would you recommend Joan? If so, why?

I would absolutely recommend Joan to any SME that needs to optimize the way they use their meeting rooms and communicate well with the people that use those rooms. I would love to see Joan in various other educational institutions as well because of the added value it brings to the learning process. Joan isn’t just an amazing product, it’s a great team member.