12 Dec 2023

How SixLab Leverages Joan to Create Seamless Workspaces

In a world driven by digital transformation, SixLab stands out as a beacon of expertise in the IT field, dedicated to the success of small and medium businesses. We recently caught up with Andrea Peruzzetto, the Marketing Manager, Belmin Krlicevic, the ICT Specialist and Consultant, and Daniele Piovesan, the CEO of SixLab, to delve into their innovative approach to tackling modern workplace challenges.

A glimpse into SixLab's unique identity

At the heart of SixLab's distinction lies a robust commitment to the digital evolution of businesses. Boasting a comprehensive suite of services encompassing infrastructure, servers, IT solutions, and software development, SixLab is not just a service provider; it's a proactive partner in the journey of its clients.

Navigating the modern workplace landscape

In the pursuit of a workplace that seamlessly integrates technology for the betterment of individuals, SixLab champions the cause. Daniele shed light on their belief in technology as an enabler, not a hindrance. The adoption of a hybrid working model, where employees spend an average of 2 out of 5 days working remotely, reflects SixLab's commitment to flexibility, collaboration, and employee well-being.

As Daniele emphasizes, "Workspaces will become a meeting point for employees and management. Regardless of the way of working, the challenge for today's companies is to be able to access all office resources, both physical and virtual, at any time and place."


Choosing innovations wisely: The SixLab approach

When it comes to selecting new solutions for their portfolio, SixLab applies a rigorous evaluation process. The key criteria include assessing the added value these solutions bring to their customers, ensuring security, ease of implementation, and constant updates.

This thorough research led them to discover Joan, a solution that revolutionized their management of company meeting rooms. The whole team shares the interest, "We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the devices. The display's e-ink technology allows for long-term battery life without sacrificing excellent readability. And in case of any bugs, Joan's technical support is always ready to respond promptly."

Joan's impact

Belmin Krlicevic, ICT Specialist & Consultant at SixLab, attests to the transformative impact of Joan on their workspace management. 

"Joan has played a significant role in facilitating the workspace within our workplace's meeting rooms. With a suite of seamlessly integrated solutions in the portfolio, it has proven to be a valuable asset, providing effective support in daily tasks. Joan has made a positive impact on our efficiency."


Unlocking the benefits of Joan: An inside perspective

Currently implementing Joan 6 with plans to explore the entire suite, SixLab extols the benefits of Joan's technology, design, ease of implementation, and centralized workspace management. Integration with appointment systems such as Outlook 365 further solidifies Joan as an elegant, highly functional, and reliable solution for SixLab and its clients.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the devices. The display's e-ink technology allows for long-term battery life without sacrificing excellent readability. In case of bugs, technical support is ready to respond”, says Daniele.

Andrea concludes with a forward-looking perspective: "Our partnership with Joan is not just about today; it's about building a foundation for the future. We're excited to explore the full spectrum of Joan's offerings and continue our journey toward a workplace that seamlessly blends technology and human-centric solutions."

SixLab's success story with Joan is a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation and their dedication to empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age. Joan has played a pivotal role in transforming their workspace management, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and employee well-being. As SixLab continues to explore the full potential of Joan's offerings, their journey toward a future-ready workplace is well underway.

If you want to learn more about how Joan can enhance your workplace, contact our team.