8 Mar 2023

Integrating Joan with MS Teams

How do you make a user experience great? You make it seamless.

One of the main reasons why our customers have loved Joan over the years is because the Joan system syncs seamlessly with their office’s in-house calendar and scheduling tools. Fully compatible with Outlook and the complete Office 365 suite, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar, it’s only natural that Joan integrates with Microsoft (MS) Teams too.

Since MS Teams has an estimated 270 million monthly active users, it was essential for Joan to be 1000% compatible with the software.

Easy enough. 

MS Teams and Joan

The Joan office management platform fully integrates with calendar applications and solutions companies already use. Meaning, employees don’t have to learn a new system or change the way they work to get the great benefits of Joan room scheduling.

By syncing with the in-house calendar, there’s no learning curve. Let Joan do the work as you reap the benefits.

Asset reservation system desktop portal (17)-min

Our MS Teams Joan bot

Another thing our customers love about Joan is that, when they speak, we listen. After 600+ Joan users voted “YES!” to a Joan Teams bot, we, of course, answered.

The Joan bot enables users to find and book a meeting room all within Microsoft Teams: the tool they use daily for scheduling meetings and communicating with their coworkers. By streamlining the Joan booking process into a familiar platform, onboarding and the employee experience are painless and intuitive. Users can book a room just by chatting with the Joan Teams chatbot.

The bot recognizes common phrases like, “I need a room for my 2 PM meeting,” “Find me a room for tomorrow 3 PM for 30 minutes,” or “Find me a room for 30 October 3 PM for 1 hour.” Booking meeting spaces is as straightforward as talking to an office assistant or coworker.

If you have a Microsoft Teams account, a Joan Portal account, and a Joan device, you can try out the Joan bot by following the steps in our “Joanbot on Microsoft Teams” support article.

How it works vice versa 

Users can book a meeting room directly on a Joan device or the via the Joan app. The meeting will then be automatically synced to the MS Teams calendar and create a meeting link. Therefore, out-of-office users can join virtually by clicking the link, which Joan created on your behalf.

Joan integrates with Teams so completely that it keeps the Teams calendar updated in real-time. In most configurations, booking a room with Joan syncs the meeting across Teams room booking devices.

Setting your office up for seamless integration

One of our customers who needed a room booking system that would seamlessly integrate with MS Teams was Conectys

Luckily for him, Joan checked both boxes and more. Our e-paper Joan 6 and Joan 6 Pro displays were an overall win for the office by enhancing the workplace experience with little to no learning curve. 

“People like the look and feel, and the effortless, transparent way of booking meeting rooms.”

Asset reservation system desktop portal (13)

What’s coming next for Joan and MS Teams

With MS Teams being such a widespread communication tool, our team is continually innovating new ways to improve the platform’s room booking experience. We’re currently working on expanding the Joan-Teams integration to support extending meetings, checking into meetings, and searching for meeting rooms with specific amenities and locations.

Considering our long-standing experience in integrating Microsoft solutions, we are confident we can make great things happen: take meeting room management AI to new levels and roll out great features that work seamlessly with your in-house calendar.

For more information on Joan and MS Teams integration, please contact our Joan Sales team.