3 Feb 2023

Joan in action: Maximizing workspace efficiency across industries

Since the beginning of Joan, our team has had one goal: to make the workplace experience as amazing and seamless as possible. We started with one niche — the most unkempt niche of them all — office meeting rooms. Again and again, our Joan displays have solved meeting room management problems office managers didn’t even know could be solved.

To date, Joan has consistently addressed prominent workplace challenges including overcrowded or underused meeting rooms, disorderly desk sharing, underused company assets, and unstructured visitor management. Our technology has reached numerous clients in various industries.

Over the years, we’ve kept an ear out to learn about our users’ experiences. Here are a few use cases we’ve followed up with:

Joan gets it right in the education sector

Although Zavo had a complex question, there was an easy answer. One of the trickiest aspects of running an educational facility is that the budget is always running out. This is why Zavo always has hardly enough space for each year’s increasing number of students and faculty.

Through working with Zavo, the Joan team found the school an inspirational example of getting creative with the space you have. While the school owns multiple buildings on several campuses, the faculty were hard-pressed to use every square foot they had. With the help of the Joan workplace management system and Joan 6 meeting room displays, they were able to configure some of their classrooms into flexible workspaces. These classrooms can be reserved for meetings, classes, afternoon activities… anything the students or staff need.

In the end, Zavo was able to make every space count, leaving little room for wasted real estate.

Joan 6 in Zavo public school

Joan helps startups begin on the right foot

Similar story, different setting: when a company is starting up, every dollar counts. So, when they invest in real estate, the budding company needs to use it to the max.

Such was the case at Falcon X, a B2B accelerator startup company based in Silicon Valley. With over 40 startups using the same real estate, meeting rooms were a hot commodity and often scarce.

Implementing Joan all but eliminated meeting room confusion. The office management system makes sure all invested companies get their timeslot in the meeting rooms along with a breezy, positive, and productive experience in the office.

“I’m already recommending [Joan] to 40 startups here.” — Murali Chirala, CEO & Co-founder at Falcon X

Joan teams up with coworking spaces

Coworking spaces need to make a great impression. In fact, their success depends on companies returning or recommending the space to others. Consequently, coworking spaces need to be functional and intuitive to provide the best workplace experience around.

Welkin & Meraki offers premium coworking workspaces. Their elegant interiors demand an effective meeting room solution with a dollop of class. Luckily for them, the Joan 6 Pro wireless display was a perfect fit. The device has a classic, minimalistic appearance without wires, blaring lights, or plastic housing. Joan’s sustainable initiative also fits perfectly with Welkin & Meraki’s standards.

The best part? Joan Room worked, bringing the quality and simplicity Welkin & Meraki required for their workspaces to be successful while smoothing out the booking experience.

The collaboration company Hague Tech experienced the same results with their coworking spaces. The main difference was that the company implemented a Joan 13 screen to display room availability at a glance, helping visitors and employees locate an free meeting room with minimal meandering.

Joan gets showy in showcases

Joan isn’t about simply creating better technology, it’s about creating a better experience. The company Tech Superpowers provides IT and cybersecurity services and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. When they’re not saving the cyber world, Tech Superpowers is creating luxury workspaces.

The company’s office, which they’ve fondly dubbed the “Experience Lab,” has won awards for its modern and innovative technology. Even with the best tech in the industry, Tech Superpowers meeting rooms were afflicted with no-shows, overrun meetings, and room squatters. They were missing one ingredient…

Joan not only sorted out out their meeting room experience, but Joan 6 Pro and Joan 13 displays were also a key element when Tech Superpowers was awarded the “Best Showroom” award at the CEDIA expo.

Bringing the experience together

Among these case studies, some key Joan features were highlighted, including:

  • Simple. The Joan user interface is incredibly intuitive, making onboarding a breeze.
  • Low maintenance. Each Joan device runs six months to one year on a single charge.
  • Classy. Joan displays are subtle, classic, and made of top-of-the-line materials.
  • Wireless. With such a long battery life, Joan displays can be mounted wirelessly on any surface.
  • Sustainable. Joan displays are ultra-low-energy and made primarily of sustainable materials.
  • Reliable. Joan displays have a failure rate 0.63% — the lowest in the industry.

All these factors and more are what make Joan the perfect solution for any office. Whether you’re on a budget or designing the ritziest workplace around, Joan displays fit right in.

Get in touch with our sales team if you're interested in finding out how Joan can improve your workplace.